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Exclusive Services


My services as a stylist include, but are not limited to: styling looks for photoshoots, video shoots, live performances, publications, special events and appearances.

Editorial Styling: Used in a variety of “editorial” material. Print and digital ads, album covers, magazine spreads and other visual creations that require more avant garde, exclusive fashion styling.

Personal Styling: This service incorporates ready to wear clothing options, styled professionally to fit your budget & personal needs.

Dancer Styling: I specialize in working with dancers because I have worked professionally as a SAG/Aftra dancer for 10+ years. I am well versed in understanding the needs of a dancer.


Custom items are specifically curated to your needs. Whether you're a stylist, costumer, or a creative with a vision, I can design, fabricate, pattern and create your item or look from start to finish.

Costuming: Whether purchasing, creating, renting or tailoring wardrobe, as a costume designer, I will be in charge of: a costume team, research and concept development, budgeting, fittings, maintaining and overseeing wardrobe during the production of your project.


Digital style consultations are a great way to receive style direction on a budget. This service comes with digital mood boards curated to your needs and a detailed breakdown of how to create each look. 


Learn to style yourself in my 4-week digital course specifically designed to teach dancers, actors or creatives in the spotlight how to dress for industry related needs.

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